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Emelie LindqvistJan 15 202411 min read

Scandlearn 2023 Wrap-Up: Innovation, Growth, and Looking Ahead to 2024

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Reflecting on 2023, it's clear we've navigated a year filled with remarkable shifts and challenges, especially with the transition to the Competency-Based Training and Assessments (CBTA) framework. In an industry where change is constant, both training methodologies and the accompanying technology need to be agile and adaptable, ensuring a robust and steady approach to continuously meet new challenges.
In this article, I'm excited to share some of the big wins and exciting changes that we've seen at Scandlearn. We've grown a lot, not just in size but in how we do things and how we lead in our field. A huge shout out to you, our amazing customers, for sticking with us and believing in what we're doing. Your support means the world to us and it's what keeps us going, as we continue to try and be better and do better.
So, let's dive into what made 2023 such an unforgettable year for us at Scandlearn. Our "Software Hub," the heart of our tech innovation, and our "Courseware Hub," the home of our engaging training content, have been pivotal in our growth and success. We can't wait to show you what we've been up to. But first, let's see why Scandlearn has become one of the strongest training providers on the market.


Why aviation organisations chose Scandlearn in 2023: An easy and reliable partner

In these changing times, with all the uncertainties in the world, it's even more heartening to see a growing number of companies choosing Scandlearn as their trusted partner. Why do they choose us? The answer is simple: we make their lives easier. We help them meet the demands placed on them, not just by ticking boxes but by going the extra mile. Our courses are designed to not only meet regulatory requirements but to provide valuable training that assists employees in their day-to-day work and contributes to creating a safer workplace.



A key part of what makes working with us so straightforward is our comprehensive approach. We provide everything that our clients need in compliance with regulations, ensuring that the right training is given to the right person at the right time. This complete solution means our clients choose us because we offer all the training they need to meet their requirements in a smooth and manageable way.

Scandlearn SMGC Thumbnail

In 2023, we welcomed a diverse group of new clients from various countries into the Scandlearn family. Their feedback echoes a common sentiment: the simplicity and effectiveness of our solutions. Our focus will always be to make training simple, making it easy for our clients to meet their training requirements, tailor solutions to their needs, and enhance safety with our human-centric approach.

 Making our software better and easier for everyone

2023: Big steps forward in our software

This year at Scandlearn, we've really rolled up our sleeves to make our software work better for you. We've tackled some tricky problems head-on – from ensuring that our mobile app works smoothly on all your devices; to tweaking the behind-the-scenes stuff for easier management of roles and tasks. We've also upgraded how things look and work, like adding previews for certificates and making it simpler to manage training programs. This has made our software not just easier to use but also more efficient.

Sneak Peak...stay tuned for 2024.

Sneak peak... stay tuned in 2024.


Looking ahead to 2024: Keeping the momentum going

As we step into the new year, our big goal is to keep making things better. We're all about improving how you experience our software, keeping it stable, and packing it with cool new features. We're not just fixing problems; we're thinking big and aiming to stay ahead of the game.

We're super excited to show you our brand new look for the training management system. It's more than just a fresh coat of paint – we're totally rethinking how you interact with our platform. We want it to feel natural, easy-to-use and nice to look at, whether you're a veteran of the platform or just starting with it.

Training List

Sneak peak... stay tuned in 2024.


Revolutionising how we look at data

And there's more! We've really improved our data game, especially for Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA). We've built a powerful tool that lets you dive deep into training stats. This means you can get a clearer picture of how things are going, make smarter decisions, and fine-tune your training to be top-notch. Whether you're guiding learners or managing training, this tool is going to be a game-changer.

 Courseware hub: A year of educational breakthroughs
2023: A big year for our training courses
This year, we've made some awesome strides with our training programs, especially in our Competency-Based Training and Assessments (CBTA) for Dangerous Goods (DG). Here's what we achieved:
  • We've helped many clients get their CBTA DG approval, which is a big deal in making sure they're up-to-date with the latest training standards.
  • We saw some cool CBTA results and are now summarising a report. Contact us to get more insights.
  • We focused on making learning more interesting and easier to understand by applying engaging storytelling techniques.
  • We believe that good assessments are key to really understanding if the training is working well.

CBTA: a successful concept

Our CBTA courses have really made an impact, not just in teaching skills but also in making training something people look forward to. This year, we've not only seen learners get better at what they do, but also enjoy the process a lot more.
Thanks to the feedback we received in 2023, we're planning to make our courses even better next year. We expect that more people will be happy with our training as we continue to improve.
Our special tools for checking how well the courses are doing have been super helpful. They let us adjust our courses to make sure they're just right, and that our clients can see how they're doing compared to others using the Scandlearn Global Index.
Oh, and did you know that since January 1, 2023, it's been a must to have CBTA for your DG training, as per ICAO rules? We saw this coming and prepared ourselves well in advance. Now, we're all set and our courses fully meet these new requirements, showing our commitment to being at the forefront of aviation training.

New Scandlearn course releases and updates in 2023


Type related training

We are continually updating the modules for all our Type related training courses.



Updates and upgrades

Scandlearn consistently remains at the forefront of compliance, ensuring you can rest easy knowing you have a dependable and reliable training partner. Here are our latest updates in compliance and course design enhancements:
  • Route and Aerodrome
  • Aviation Security
  • Aviation Security for Cabin Crew
  • First Aid
  • All Weather Operations (AWO)
  • DG Carry and No Carry


Stay ahead of the curve

Get the latest on our course releases and updates


Making learning fun and effective with storytelling

At Scandlearn, we're spicing up our courses by blending explainer videos with telling stories. Why? Because we know that when learning feels like a story, it's more fun and relatable, easier to understand, and sticks in your brain longer. We're turning regular lessons into exciting journeys, so instead of just reading or watching, you feel like you're part of the adventure.
Also, we're really focusing on making our courses feel good to use. Creating something user-friendly, so that it's not just about the lessons themselves, but how you the learner get to experience them. We want everything to be smooth and enjoyable – because when you like what you're learning, you're more likely to do well, and that's good news for everyone.
Scandlearn Diversity Awarness Training

Revolutionising assessments for increased safety and retention

In 2023, Scandlearn is taking a revolutionary approach to assessments within our Courseware Hub. Our focus is on creating tools that not only evaluate learner understanding but also enhance retention and contribute to increased safety and fewer incidents in practical applications. We understand that the true measure of effective training lies in its application, and this is where our innovative assessment tools come into play.
By designing more interactive and engaging assessment methods, we aim to challenge and stimulate the learner's understanding in a more meaningful way. These assessments go beyond simple memorisation, encouraging critical thinking and application of knowledge. This approach not only ensures better retention of information but also prepares learners to effectively apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, ultimately contributing to safer and more efficient work environments.
With these advancements, Scandlearn is committed to elevating the standard of training assessments, aligning them with the demands of contemporary learning environments and industry requirements.


Team dynamics: Increasing creativity and productivity

The growth of our team, both virtually and in-house, has been a source of immense joy. This year's highlights in team dynamics include:
  • Strengthening team collaboration across departments.
  • Establishment of a new training department.
  • Enhancing organisational capability.
  • Fostering a vibrant workplace by mixing a unique blend of professionalism and creativity.

Celebrating a year of growth and innovation at Scandlearn

As I reflect on the year, I am filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. We've not only enhanced our workflows and marketing strategies, but we've also strengthened the bonds within our team, creating a workplace that is not just productive but also a hotbed of creativity and enjoyment. It's this unique blend of professionalism and playfulness that makes Scandlearn not just a workplace, but a realm of endless possibilities and shared dreams.

Global expansion and team development: 2023 milestones

Even though our headquarters is in Uppsala, Sweden, our team continues to spread all across the world with new talents. We have not only extended our design team, but we've also expanded our training department with more talents, which has been a tremendous lift to our organisation. Additionally, we've joined forces with a group of excited instructors, who add their skill in writing our course content. You can expect that our departments will continue to grow and flourish with new creative minds during 2024 to give our customers the best possible training experience in every aspect.

Cultivating collaboration: Behind the scenes at Scandlearn

This year, one of the pleasures was getting different teams to work together across departments. We're like a well-coordinated flight crew, from careful planning and take-off to smooth cruising and a successful landing. Each stage, much like a pilot's briefing, is an opportunity for us to refine our procedures and make improvements, ensuring an even more efficient journey ahead.
At Scandlearn, our team's unity is the secret to our success. Ensuring everyone is on the same page allows us to tackle large projects effectively and safely. It's more than just checking tasks off a list - it's about nurturing a culture of teamwork and collaboration. Our ability to work together seamlessly is what sets us apart, bringing a unique blend of creativity, quality and precision. That is  Scandlearn in a nutshell, to bring a special touch to every project we undertake.
The way each member brings their unique brand of creativity and fun to the table while adhering to our work culture is a testament to the vibrant and dynamic environment we've cultivated at Scandlearn. It's not just about getting the job done; it's about enjoying the journey, celebrating our quirks, and embracing the creative process.


Final thoughts and summary of an exceptional year

As we take a moment to reflect on the extraordinary year that was 2023, we are overwhelmed with a sense of pride in our achievements and profound gratitude towards our dedicated team and trusting clients. This year's journey went beyond achieving milestones; it was about growing together as a community and carving a path of innovation and excellence in training and development.
We have also witnessed a substantial acceleration in our production speed, leading to more efficient workflows. This has not only sped up our output, but has also significantly enhanced the overall quality of our products and services.
Furthermore, the growth and synergy of our team, which spans the globe, have been instrumental in achieving these successes. This unique blend of creativity and productivity within our team is a cornerstone of our operations, propelling us towards new heights of innovation and excellence.
As we look forward to the upcoming year, we are energised by the potential for further growth and the opportunities to continue delivering exceptional training experiences.


As we eagerly anticipate the unfolding of 2024, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in training and development. We invite you, our valued readers, to join us in this exciting journey. Share your thoughts, reflections, and aspirations for the new year in the comments below or on our social media platforms. Your insights and predictions are not just welcomed; they are essential in shaping our shared future. Let's continue to learn, innovate, and grow together. Here’s to a year of new challenges, achievements, and breakthroughs – together with Scandlearn.


Emelie Lindqvist

Emelie Lindqvist is our intrepid Creative & Marketing Director with a big appetite for delicious food and adventurous travel. Her unwavering determination and knack to think outside the box with ease never fail to inspire the production and design teams, all of which contribute to her core mission at Scandlearn to empower each member of her team to realise their full potential.