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Emelie LindqvistDec 31 20218 min read

The 2021 Scandlearn Wrap-up and a Thank you!


2021 has come to an end, and what a year it has been with so many mixed feelings. The world is upside down in so many ways. And as of the challenging aviation industry we are in, it’s impossible to avoid the impact it has affected us.

However, In this post, I had the big honour to give you a little preview of what’s been happening behind the scenes at the Software Hub and Courseware Hub but also highlight and celebrate the many milestones that Scandlearn has achieved as a company and brand. 

I’d also want to say a special thanks to our customers for staying loyal and believing in our mission. We are so grateful and looking forward to 2022 and unleashing our plans, releases and launches with a BIG bang!


The Software Hub

Our development team have been very busy this year. You’ve spoken and we’ve listened. We’ve added a good many updates and tweaks. Additionally whole new processes have been created to make learning, and the creation of courses fit your needs.



Our focus for our LMS administrators has really been on making a smooth overall administrative experience when creating courses for users. More comprehensive reporting functionality has also been added to give a better understanding of users’ activities. Additional security measures with SSO logins, allowing for more complex enrolments,  more extensive notification, and update ability. Not to mention additional API functionality for integration with other systems.


For learners

For learners, we are planning lots of good features, including increased tracking and monitoring capability, as well as some other very exciting stuff in the pipeline you’ll just love. You can look forward to more being unveiled in 2022.


"The goal of competency-based training and assessment is to produce a competent workforce by providing focused training. It does so by identifying key competencies that need to be achieved, determining the most effective way of achieving them and establishing valid and reliable assessment tools to evaluate their achievement."



The Competence Based Training Assessment (CBTA) Approach

As many of you already know, ICAO has set new training provisions and a competency framework specifically applicable for a workforce for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (Doc 9284) Read more

  • Scandlearns New Learning Concept
    Scandlearn has under a long time worked on a new learning concept and experience. This will also solve ICAO's new training provisions for CBTA.
  • Training Need Analysis
    Administrators will start fill in a Training Need Analysis specifically applicable for your company. This will generate a full training package and distribute and apply more focused training per workforce.
  • Assessments
    Besides skill test we will include many more assessments to make training more focused on applying learning methods and make things more intriguing and interesting.
  • Tracking and Statistics
    With our new developments we will be able to track data and statistics to quicker making improvements and better learning experience.

However, by now you might already know Scandlearn is already on the mission of implementing a whole new learning approach and have been for a long time. When the expression CBTA was on the map Scandlearn was already aligned and in the process of implementing such a framework. We have already updated our entire course library for a more visually pleasing look. 2021 has been a progressive year for our IT department with many new developments we hope to launch during 2022. To strengthen this new implementation we have extended our resources with more capacity to handle such pivot and deliver a successful service to our customers. 

We will share more news about this during Q1 of 2022. Are you not one of our customers I suggest you sign up to get first hand information.


The Courseware Hub

This year we have really stepped up our game when it comes to raising our visual quality to a new level and new interesting topics that benefit aviation workforces. In close collaboration with our skilled instructors, our design team is constantly reaching great creative achievements and producing more projects based on storytelling, visual imagery, and other elements to make the learner intrigued and keep the focus of attraction.


Check out our 2021 show reel

The key to our success has definitely been a great team collaboration. A great team is like a well-designed engine, it just runs buttery smooth. There may be a science to orchestrating such virtual team collaboration, but there is also an art form itself. I’ll share more insights about this during 2022 and how to build a modern virtual team.


Expanding to the helicopter industry.

Scandlearn has for a long time been a training provider for the helicopter industry, but since 2020 we really reached a new level and can  proudly say we are helping industry leaders, such as; Bristow GroupCHCPHIBabcock, with their training operations. This year we have focused on preparing new material such as Night Vision, Sling Load, SRM that we hope to launch during 2022. 



New courses for 2021



Global reporting Format (GRF)

Global Reporting Format (GRF) is an online course to train flight crew in the new ICAO methodology for assessing and reporting runway surface conditions. What differentiates this from our Winter Operation and Surface contamination course is that this course is suitable for both winter and tropical runway surface conditions. The GRF is intended to be the only reporting format for international aviation.

To make people knowledgeable and confident in this new methodology we decided to design it with clear and descriptive visuals and animations so the learner easily can follow and remember what 

In ICAO EUR Doc 041 you can read more about what’s new in the SNOWTAM.

Make sure you’re trained, prepared, and qualified asap. Due dates were the 12th of August in Europe and the 4th of November 2021 rest of the world.



Mental Health in Aviation

Mental Health in Aviation has never been more a important and current topic as now. Due to the pandemic it has caused many pilots to fall into mental unhealth for many reasons. It’s important to be aware of the signs and therefor this course is perfectly explain it all and give you tips and encourage you to take action as soon as possible.



EU Ramp Check Inspection Programme

EU Ramp Check Inspection Programme is a great course for companies who wish to drill their team for fast inspections.  The more active and accurate the crew can perform confidently during this event the easier it will be and save the company time and money.



Updates 2021

In 2021 we had a few updates requested by both clients and things we do regularly to stay up to date according to compliances. Among these were Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Dangerous Goods Carry, Dangerous Goods (DGR) No Carry, and  Dangerous Goods (DGR) for Helicopter Crew. One of these updates was also Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) which we took the opportunity to update visually as well.


In the pipeline 2022

We are grateful to still have air and even lift force under our wings due to the circumstances. Scandlearn is thriving more than ever before. In fact, we have booked projects until 2025, and more projects are piling up. What I now can reveal from our pipeline and already in process is:

  • Human Factor Maintenance
  • Human Factor Ground Crew
  • Update Safety Management Courses (SMS)
  • Diversity Course
  • B737 Technical Course

Stay tuned for update and make sure to sign up to our newsletter to get first hand information about news, launches and updates.

Do you have feedback or ideas of new topics? Contact us at


The Company and Brand

Scandlearn - The virtual office

Scandlearn has for a long time a well-functioned virtual office with team members all over the world. When the pandemic forced offices to keep employees working remotely from home, Scandlearn already had a well-established workflow that continued to operate efficiently and run smoothly, safe and sound for team members to work from their homes. It’s remarkable to see how well our course as well as IT production can work just with good communication. Scandlearn will continue to improve our workflows to be able to release things better and faster.

Another strategic move was to cancel our headquarter office lease and move to a more stable solution that fits our mobile team better. Our current visit office is now positioned in central of Uppsala close to Stockholm Sweden. After a little renovation, we will be able to open up for customers and guests in the heart of Uppsala.


Our brand is blooming!

Our brand image is still in the continuous process to grow a stronger and clearer position on the market. For Scandlearn the compliance, product value, and customer service are the most important and that you as a customer feel in every detail we do, that our passion and quality shines through. Our mission of making training and administration an enjoyable experience is still very present and leads us forward during our daily operations.


Happy testimonials

Nothing motivates and energizes us more than when we receive happy testimonials from our customers. Scandlearn has invested so much in our vision and now several years later we see how the hard work we put in pays off and we stood strong and solid in our philosophy. 

With these words I wrap-up this year for Scandlearn 2021

Thank you again all customers for this year. Me personally looking forward to the achievements and endeavours 2022.

See you soon!


Emelie Lindqvist

Emelie Lindqvist is our intrepid Creative & Marketing Director with a big appetite for delicious food and adventurous travel. Her unwavering determination and knack to think outside the box with ease never fail to inspire the production and design teams, all of which contribute to her core mission at Scandlearn to empower each member of her team to realise their full potential.

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