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Emelie LindqvistJan 23 20244 min read

CBTA Benefits: A Game-Changer for Crew Training

 Competency Based Training and Assessments (CBTA) is rapidly emerging as the better standard for online aviation training. Since January 1st, 2023, Dangerous Goods (DG) training, the CBTA framework has become mandatory according to ICAO. The popularity of it is, thanks to its effective outcomes.


Scandlearns Competency Based Training and Assessments solution has been active for a year, and the feedback speaks volumes. Our guidance has helped managers write manuals and get approvals from their national Authorities. Our data and analytics tool clearly shows that learners have also had a positive learning experience.
In 2023, we can see from the statistics that the knowledge of our students has increased with the help of our CBTA DG training. Hence, Scandlearn is currently shifting all its 80+ online training courses to CBTA to improve the comprehensive learning experience.

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In our previous article, we had a closer look at what CBTA actually is. In this particular article, we will pinpoint all the benefits CBTA will bring for learners as well as organisations. In addition to understanding all the advantages, it's crucial to comprehend the entire scope of CBTA.
Therefore, we will supply you with an informative article series to answer any questions you might have.
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We're excited to guide you through the world of CBTA and help you unlock its full potential for your organisation.


CBTA, what's the return on investment? 

Let's start by exploring the immediate benefits and key concepts of the Competency-Based Training and Assessments (CBTA) framework for learners.
Imagine you're an employer, and you need to send your staff for dangerous goods training.
Typically, they attend a week-long class to acquire knowledge, or online training in a dry format. However, it appears that they only apply half of what they learn in their job. This means you've paid for unnecessary training, and your staff has been away from their jobs longer than needed, costing your company more.
 This is where CBTA training becomes relevant. Through CBTA, you only provide training to your employees based on their specific job requirements. For instance, the person in the example only needs 50% of the training in a CBTA environment.
However, all staff need to have some basic understanding of Dangerous Goods therefore ICAO has made a minimum knowledge matrix for different functions in the dangerous goods chain which needs to be followed. It ensures that your staff gains the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to handle dangerous goods correctly.

Benefits of CBTA for learners

Here are a few benefits that the CBTA as a framework gives value.
Enhanced Retention, Application, and Engagement:
  • CBTA use a blend of instructional videos, tests, visuals, and interactive elements. This method is to ensure learners not only understand the material but also apply it effectively.
  • This method helps students remember more, use skills in real-life situations, and stay interested in learning.
  • The approach results in more enjoyable and memorable learning experiences.
Dynamic and Data-Driven Competency Development:
  • CBTA emphasises developing and precisely measuring key competency parameters like KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes).
  • Choosing a provider such as Scandlearn with advanced assessments and a statistical tool that tracks improvement in real-time is extremely beneficial.
  • This ensures that learners actively engage in learning and constantly improve the course content. It helps learners develop the necessary skills for their roles in a more dynamic and effective way.

CBTA is better than traditional aviation training, with benefits for learners and your organisation's return on investment.



Scandlearn CBTA solution for learners 

Scandlearn Competency-Based Training and Assessments (CBTA) solution stands out with its unique human-centric design and approach. It not only ensures compliance with regulations but also addresses the problem of inefficient training frameworks, offering a superior learning experience for your employees.
Curious about our secret sauce? It all comes down to our Training Management System engine, Evolve and its player. This innovative system excels at organising and presenting data in an engaging format, making learning a breeze. But that's not all—it can also analyse, adapt, and improve for a better learning experience.
Evolve doesn't stop there; it empowers our clients to customise their training effortlessly. Evolve helps you stay on track with staff training and compliance by adding relevant materials and meeting operational needs. Scandlearn also provides assistance with templates and collaborative advice to aid you in creating a dangerous goods training program for the CBTA approval process.
Overall, CBTA is a significant improvement over traditional training methods in the aviation industry for learners. Scandlearns CBTA is perfect for organisations wanting to improve training and boost employee skills and performance.

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