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Emelie LindqvistApr 14 20211 min read

WE’RE GROWING – Are you our next blog writer?



Do you have a background in Aviation? Are you gifted with writing, telling stories and or write in an informative yet captivating way? Maybe you’re our next writer. Scandlearn is looking for talented and passionate writers with aviation background to join our team.

Scandlearn Blog was launched in February 2021 and came out as a success. Now, we’re looking for our next blog writers who will write interesting articles with a training approach.  You’ll be writing to a targeted group of other aviation staff so your writing needs to contain typical aviation language, be direct, helpful, and informative.

We are looking for all kinds of the profession who can contribute to content for pilots cabin attendant, ramp agent, technicians. Maybe you’re working in maintenance or with personnel handling. Or, maybe you work on a management level, training, HR, operation. Everyone in the aviation industry who believe you have the gift of writing is welcome to apply.



  • You should have at least 5 years of professionally working within your field of work. 
  • Write fluently in English
  • Proactive 
  • Make your own research
  • Stay alert for trends in the aviation industry (training approach)
  • Keep deadlines
  • Come up with image and graphics ideas for our design team 
  • To become a team member at Scandlearn, you must have your own company. You need to provide us with a certificate of such or hold a freelance license and be able to make international banking transfers. You can work remotely but you have to stay online.


To apply

To apply, send an email to Attach PDFs with Personal Letter, a CV and an excerpt of 500 words of a topic you find interesting in the aviation training industry. We’re looking forward to seeing your application!


Emelie Lindqvist

Emelie Lindqvist is our intrepid Creative & Marketing Director with a big appetite for delicious food and adventurous travel. Her unwavering determination and knack to think outside the box with ease never fail to inspire the production and design teams, all of which contribute to her core mission at Scandlearn to empower each member of her team to realise their full potential.

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